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Fighting False Rape Allegations, highlighting a recent case of Sexual Rape at Waterloo Station, Questions put forward to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). click here.


March / April 2018

Domestic Violence & Abuse Report 2018 From PARITY UK

PARITY UK has complied a report, highlighting the gap on all Domestic and Abuse Violence in all thirty two London Boroughs.


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ACTION ALERT: Gender Studies lawsuit in London

An egalitarian man is bringing a damages claim against an elite university's Gender Studies department which he attended as a student, but was forced to withdraw from due to the persistently sexist anti-male nature of the course. His legal claim is based on Sex Discrimination law, Breach of Contract, Misleading Advertising, and Misrepresentation � and he is looking for pro-bono support from a lawyer or barrister, or assistance from a 'McKenzie friend' � someone not necessarily legally qualified, but who can nevertheless offer advisory support and strategy in court.


The university's promotional literature did not warn of the one-sided anti-male learning materials that would form the bulk of the curriculum � and the university's prospectus and regulations, forming part of the contract, specifically rule out discriminatory learning materials and practices � so the facts of the case are uniquely strong - on a number of fronts - and a successful litigation here will help bring about real improvements for the future inclusion of men and men's equality issues within gender studies, and all other academic fields.


The complainant will be filing particulars of claim no later than May 10th 2011. The court case itself will take place in the months to follow. If you, or anyone you know of might be interested in offering any kind of support, including financial, then please email the complainant at the following address:-