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News Briefing - August 2021

Latest News Brieifing From Parity. Open Letter To Maajid Nawaz, All Party Parliamentary Group and Education: The Intersection of Sex and Race.


AGM Notice - August 2021

Parity Annual General Meeting, that will be held in September 2021 at Union Jack Club, Sandell Street, London, SE1 8UJ.


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February 2016

(England and Wales) Year Ending March 2015.
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Forced Marriages

November 2015

Some statsitics related to cases of forced marriages in the UK.
Approximately 1 in 5 victims are male and 10% of the perpretrators
are female. But only 40% cases are prosecuted each year.
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National A-Level Results For England and Wales August 2015

November 2015

National A-Level Results For England and Wales: August 2015.
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Domestic Abuse Council Services in England and Wales

January 2015

A recent survey by PARITY of 78 City/Metropolitan and County Councils in England
and Wales found that, while 62 Councils provided refuge accommodation for female
victims, only two provided it for male victims, although 22 Councils did provide
emergency accommodation.
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Suicides in the UK

May 2014

More than three times as many men as women kill themselves in the UK, some 4,590
in 2012 compared to 1,491 women. Such numbers are over three times higher for both
sexes than deaths from road accidents.
The highest rates of deaths from suicide per
100,000 population were in the 35 to 54 age group for both sexes, and overall were higher
in Scotland and Northern Ireland than in England and Wales for both men and women.
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