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July 2019

Parity History March 2019

A brief glimpse into the formation and birth of Parity-UK, and the path the charity has taken when highlighting and taking a stand on topics of the day.


June 2019

Annual General Meeting - June 2019

PARITY UK has our Annual General Meeting at Union Jack Club, Sandell Street,SE18UJ. The Meeting will be on the Saturday 8th June 2019 from 12pm.


Parity action group
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Parity Briefing Papers

Parity History - March 2019

Brief Introduction Of Parity-UK as a organisation tirelessly campaigning for equal rights
and equal pension age for both sexes. Also campaigning on other issues such as
"CESPRA" and Winter Fuel Allowance.

Domestic Violence & Abuse Report 2018

PARITY UK has complied a report on, highlighting the gap on all Domestic Violence
and Abuse reported within all thirty two London Boroughs.