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August 2019

News Briefing - September 2019

PARITY UK has now made it easier to make donation via Minutes Of Meeting from the 8th June 2019 meeting at the Union Jack Club, Sandell Street,SE18UJ.


July 2019

Parity History March 2019

A brief glimpse into the formation and birth of Parity-UK, and the path the charity has taken when highlighting and taking a stand on topics of the day.


Parity action group
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Parity Briefing Papers

Parity History - March 2019

Brief Introduction Of Parity-UK as a organisation tirelessly campaigning for equal rights
and equal pension age for both sexes. Also campaigning on other issues such as
"CESPRA" and Winter Fuel Allowance.

Domestic Violence & Abuse Report 2018

PARITY UK has complied a report on, highlighting the gap on all Domestic Violence
and Abuse reported within all thirty two London Boroughs.