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June 2019

Annual General Meeting - June 2019

PARITY UK has our Annual General Meeting at Union Jack Club, Sandell Street,SE18UJ. The Meeting will be on the Saturday 8th June 2019 from 12pm.


March / April 2018

Domestic Violence & Abuse Report 2018 From PARITY UK

PARITY UK has complied a report, highlighting the gap on all Domestic and Abuse Violence in all thirty two London Boroughs.


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March 2019

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March 2019 PARITY.

September 2018

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September 2018 PARITY.

July 2018

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July 2018 PARITY.

March 2018

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March 2018 PARITY.

February 2018

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October 2017

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October 2017 PARITY.

March 2017

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February 2016


(England and Wales) Year Ending March 2015. PARITY.

November 2015

National A-Level Results

(England and Wales) August 2015. PARITY.

November 2015

Forced Marriages

Some statsitics related to cases of forced marriages in the UK.
Approximately 1 in 5 victims are male and 10% of the perpretrators
are female. But only 40% cases are prosecuted each year. PARITY.

June 2012

History Of CESPA

(England and Wales) June 2012. PARITY.